meet the trustees

Jon Oliver


I joined the team of Trustees as Treasurer in 2004. One of the things that has always concerned me about charity accounts is the need to distinguish between what it costs just to run the charity (operating expenditure), and what is being spent on the charity itself (charitable expenditure). This distinction was not being made in the Accounts up to that point and I rapidly restructured the Accounts to show this.

At that time the Summer Fete had its own Treasurer and their result was an annual “donation” into the Association of Friends account. However, in 2007 changes in the team led to the result that accounting for the Summer Fete now fell under my remit.

Regular income from members was traditionally looked after by the Membership Secretary. Again, changes took place in 2010 so that I also took over the duties of Membership Secretary, maintaining the membership database. However we welcome our newest member to the Trustees, Lloyd Harris, who has streamlined the database, so I shall relinquish that task.